Sunday, 11 December 2011

Video scaler

A video scaler is a accessory for converting video signals from one admeasurement or resolution to another: usually "upscaling" or "upconverting" a video arresting from a low resolution (e.g. accepted definition) to one of college resolution (e.g. aerial analogue television).

Video scaler accessories can be begin anchored in:

Computer monitors

Scan about-face devices


Video alteration and broadcasting equipment

Other audio/visual devices

Video scalers can additionally be a absolutely abstracted box, generally accouterment simple video switching capabilities. These units are frequently begin as allotment of home theatre or projected presentation systems. Home theatre uses ability accommodate converting a accepted analogue DVD or video bold arresting into high-definition for affectation on an LED, LCD or claret television while accepting the best angel affection possible. Scalers can additionally be begin in schools, address theatres and avant-garde churches, area abundant video sources (e.g. DVD video, alive camera feeds, DVI/VGA achievement from a computer) charge to be switched between, while the accomplished accessible resolution is maintained.

Video scalers are primarily a agenda device, about they can be accumulated with an analog-to-digital advocate (ADC, or digitizer) and a digital-to-analog advocate (DAC) to abutment analog inputs and outputs. One upscaling action that has gotten a lot of absorption is the IMAX DMR

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